About us

James, Corine, Mandy & Suzanne.


The Great Yarmouth & Waveney Diabetes Family Group raises funds for the local use for the benefit of children with Diabetes. Our group covers children up to the ages of 16 with Type 1 diabetes. An AGM is held each year to appoint the committee members for the following year to help organise family fun days and events.

Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings and can share experiences with others and in future meetings listen to presentations by healthcare professionals. Questions can also be asked at any time through these meetings. A newsletter will be produced quaterly where all registered members will be sent a copy and it will also be placed on our website.


The current commitee stands as follows;

  • Chair - Suzanne Beedham

  • Secretary - Mandy Davidson

  • Treasurer - Corine Gillard

  • Member - Kelly Gook

  • IT / Website - James Gillard